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Our Waterpik Electric Toothbrush has 46,000 Storkes Power, for brushing and gum massaging


Detail Description of our Waterpik Electric Toothbrush.

46,000 stroke sonic clean power ! Universal USB rechargeable Base Design !

our Waterpik Electric Toothbrush has high frequency sonic vibration creates a dynamic fluid action, driving toothpaste and water bristles may not reach for brushing !

Universal USB Recharge Base can connect A/C (100V-240V) outlet & computer USB port very conveniently for traveling

Special Electromagnetic Designed Recharging Technology safetly protect the electricity leakage problem using in the toilet, and water proof secure

Non-slip noise reducing handle, easy to operate single brush, very good choice for you to “CHANGE” your normal brush now !

Model No. STBR-N-001

Waterpik Electric Toothbrush Features:

High speed sonic power for better brushing and teeth whitening

Multi function rechargeable Sonic toothbrush

1.3 sonic clean mode

Mode one 41,000 vpm – 44,000 vpm

Mode two 35,000 vpm – 38,000 vpm

Massage mode 32,000 vpm

2. patent extension vibrator provide

Larger vibration amplitude, more

Strong clean power

3. Soft Dupont double level bristle

Outside tapered soft bristle clean

Between the teeth, inside bristle

Clean the surface of teeth

4. 2 minutes timer

5. One indicate LED, it will be on while working and flashing during charging

6. Vibration reducing handle

7. Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery: 600mAh.

8. Inductive recharge base

9. Provide Ac Adapter with TUV or GS or UL:



10. with 2pcs extra brush heads

11. Colour for Selection: ” White ” or ‘Blue’

12. Two replacement brusheads included

13. Body Weight: 61.0 g, Charger weight: 81.0 g

14. Charging mode: electromagnetic induction

15. Product size:

Body: 202 mm (L) X 22 mm (W) X 25 mm (H)
Stand: 71 mm (L) X 45 mm (W) X 43 mm (H)

How to operate our Waterpik Electric Toothbrush

1. Place the brush head in your mouth

a) Exclude some toothpaste onto the brush head
b) The bristles with water for better result
c) Turn on and turn off the toothbrush while the brush head is in your mouth to prevent spilling of toothpaste

2. Press the power switch

a) Press the power switch (overmold) and the brush head starts oscillating.
b) Make the brush head slightly and horizontally oscillating to brush your teeth.
c) Press the switch once for turn on and again press for turn off

3. Vibration frequency of sound wave: default frequency is 38,000 time/min

Press “UP” and “DOWN” arrow to choose the vibration frequency of sound wave you like. When press “UP” arrow, there are 2 accelerating speed for you to choose: 41,000 time/min and 46,000 time/min; when press “DOWN” arrow, there are 2 decelerating speed for you to choose: 35,000 time/min and 32,000 time/min

4. Wash the brush head and body with water

Swing them to remove the water after washing

5. Place the body into the stand

a) Please dryer the body with soft and clean cloth
b) Please put the stand to the smooth and dry place

6. Avoid water flooding onto the on/off switch button

Although the switch part is waterproof designed, electric part still avoid direct water flooding onto that are

Charging Instruction:

1. Place the charging stand flatly, then put the toothbrush into the groove.
2. Connect the USB connector to the computer, it usually takes 15 hours to be fully charged.
3. Connect the USB to the adaptor, and then plug the adaptor to AC 100 – 240 V power source, it usually takes 12 hours to be fully charged.
4. For both of the above, usually needs not to be fully charged, as the battery is immediately for use after charging.
5. When charging, LED light will be flashing / lighting

Waterpik Electric Toothbrush has Time and Memorizing Function:

a) 2 mins auto timing design, toothbrush will stop working automatically after 2 min
b) Memorizing function is when you choose a brushing mode, it will keep the mode automatically for your next use.

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202 mm (L) X 22 mm (W) X 25 mm (H)