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Having toothbrush sets and maintaining good oral health is essential if you want to maintain good overall health. The benefits of having proper oral hygiene are: it removes or prevents the formation and buildup of plaque and tartar, prevents dental cavities and periodontal disease, and it also decreases halitosis. Thus, having a set of Oral Care toothbrush sets will help you maintain your good oral health.

Description of our toothbrush sets:

100% brand new and high quality.

Portable and durable, easy to carry, lightweight.

Dental stain eraser – great for smokers and those consuming a lot of tea / coffee.

Keep Teeth and Tongue healthy between visits to the Dentist.

Toothbrush – Soft bristle with easy grip. We all know it is essential to good oral health. It prevents tooth decay and helps prevent gum disease.

Tongue Brush – reaches the back of the tongue where odor-causing bacteria occurs. Cleaning your tongue is important because it fights bad breath and for good dental health.

Dental Mirror – helps to check the status of your gums and tooth decay.  It is  lightweight and can be easily manipulated, which reduces stress and wrist fatigue.

Dental Pick – effective for cleaning and dislodging food particles and removes impacted food, plaque, and tartar for a healthy, white teeth.

Toothpicks with Floss – Combined dental floss and toothpick for easy use. It helps loosen and remove plaque and food particles. You might accumulate yellow matter between your teeth if you are not flossing regularly.

Dental Stain Eraser – Helps erase heavy plaque build up and food deposits. Safely remove stains from tooth surfaces.


Main Material: Plastic + Nylon hair

Length: 8cm-19.5cm

Weight: 80g

Color: Green/ red/ dark blue (Randomly sent)

Quantity: 1 set

Toothbrush sets includes:

1 x toothbrush

1 x tongue brush

1 x dental mirror

1 x dental pick

3 x toothpicks with floss

1 x dental stain remover

Note: Real color may slightly different from pictures due to computer screen’s resolution, brightness, contrast etc.


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Oral Care Tooth Brush Kit

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