Tooth Polisher with Polishing Paste


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Item Description:

Tooth Whitening polishing paste Size :2.10*2.20*1.2 cm

Weight:5 g

Flavors: Mint,spun sugar

Features and Benefits:

Tooth Polisher is used by dentists for cleaning and polishing during individual prophylactic treatments. Effectively removes coffee, tea, smoking, and other stains from your teeth leaving you with a whiter smile. just spread some on your toothbrush or battery operated toothbrush into the tooth polisher and rub onto teeth to remove plaque,tarter,stains and your teeth will look a lot whiter. Use with your manual or electric toothbrush.

Tooth polisher

– 5 Long Lasting Polishing Cups

-Each Polishing Cup will give you 100 polishes

– Fast Rotary Tooth Polishing

– Travel Size

– Natural Teeth Whitener System, Tool Kit for Surface Teeth Stain Reduction

– Need 2 AA Batteries (Not Included Batteries)

– Removal in Minutes Use on Coffee, Tea, Tobacco Stains. Feel Confident Smiling and Feel Happy with Dental Clean, Whiter Teeth. Enamel Safe Tooth Polisher. Dentist Recommended Product


– First place a small amount of the tooth polish paste in rubber cup.

– When ready to polish hold the tooth polisher upright in your hand with your forefinger near the On switch and a free finger on your chin for easier control of polishing

– Before turning the switch on. Use the rubber tip to spread a little of the tooth polish over the teeth you will be polishing.

– Then with the rubber tip just making contact with the tooth surface activate the power by pressing the switch and proceed to polish the teeth. Do not use pressure. – The gentle rotating cup will give your teeth that polished brightness and gleaming smile.

– The dental polisher use two pieces of “AA” size of battery.

– To install batteries to dental polisher, simply unscrew the handle from polisher head then drop the batteries into the base making sure that the positive (+) end of the batteries are facing up. Screw base and top securely together.

– Never immerse in water. After every use remove the cup and clean with water. wipe outside with a soft cloth or tissue.

– Not recommended for use by children 12 years old or younger.

Caution: Handle may get hot if used for an extended period of time.

Package Included: 2*Tooth Whitening Polishing Paste 1*Dental Polisher + 5 long lasting polishing tips (No Batteries)  





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Weight 0.07 oz
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 5 in
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Teeth Whitening

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Tooth Polishing Whitening Kit