Teeth Whitening With Blue Light

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This teeth whitening machine, Teeth Whitening With Blue Light is a new type of whitening technology, based on the condition of short blue LED light and whitening kit accelerant. Produce mass oxygen atom permeate teeth and decompose color molecule, to meet the effect of teeth whitening .

1. The specific wavelength and high light speed catalyze whitening gel.
2. 6 powerful LED tubes emit a high intensive cold blue light with an output at 6000MW/CM2.
3. Special design, innocuous silica gel muzzle, make sure stopping intersectional infection.
4. The new model of power supply of our Teeth Whitening With Blue Light machine makes sure steady power output and long-time continuous working even in some cities and places with mutative voltage.
5. Time display screen shows the whitening time clearly to both dentist and patient.
6. Quiet and efficient fan, achieve the best cooling effect.
7. Strong, durable and flexible tube for Lighting at different angles
8. Suitable for acheomycin teeth, dental fluorosis, teeth staining etc.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Teeth Whitening With Blue Light

Cold light teeth whitening system using the wavelength of 400 – 500 nm blue ( the temperature change is not obvious, that’s why it’s called cold light) catalyzes the peroxide whitening agent that applied the teeth surface concentration of 20% – 38%, by hydrogen peroxide oxidation reduction to produce free radicals, change of the pigment carbon ring.

Bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth. The activation lamp emits blue light that triggers the gel; the lamp doesn’t emit heat, meaning you won’t be made uncomfortable by a hot light from the procedure. The tooth whitening gel enters your enamel and lifts the stains. The treatment uses the same principle as UV teeth whitening, but instead of UV light, blue Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) are used. When the LED hits the hydrogen peroxide, it hastens the breakdown process of free radicals that removes plaques and deep stains, which leads to the whitening of the teeth.

Material: Plastic

Type: US Plug

Power Supply: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

Power: 300W

Clamping Size: 45-50cm

Package Weight: Approx. 1700g


1 x Teeth Whitening With Blue Light

1 x Charger

1 x Manual



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