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Oral Care – 5 Tips for a Healthy Mouth!

The health of your teeth and mouth is an aspect of paramount importance, as it can influence your overall health. Getting pearly white teeth is not difficult – keeping them white in the long run, however, can turn out to be a real challenge! Here are 5 useful oral care tips and hints that will certainly benefit you:

1. Eat Teeth-Whitening Foods

There are foods that are known to stain your teeth, so why wouldn’t there be foods that have the opposite effect and whiten them? Try to avoid smoking and reduce your intake of coffee, red wine and black tea, as these foods are known to impact the color of your teeth. At the same time, try to eat more apples – apples are known for their intensive teeth-cleaning action, not to mention that they are absolutely delicious as well!

At the same time, there are certain foods that not only whiten your teeth, but also thoroughly clean them. Popcorn, celery or raw carrots act as detergent foods, meaning that they will scrub your teeth and remove the food particles that got stuck between them. If you had a heavy meal and you cannot brush right after that, and then chew some celery or raw carrots – you will immediately feel the difference!

2. Use Natural Teeth Cleaning Remedies

Many people are allergic to teeth cleaning and whitening products available on the market, this is why they choose to go all-natural when it comes to maintaining the health of their teeth. Baking soda is a great choice to whiten your teeth and to remove even the most stubborn teeth – basically, you can use it just as you would use your classic toothpaste.

Raw salt is another great option, as the hard particles will scrub the teeth. On the other hand, you can gargle with vinegar to boost the effects of the baking soda – vinegar is known to remove stains and to kill the bacteria present in the mouth, on your tongue and on your gums.

3. Floss Regularly

Nowadays, many people ignore the importance of flossing, when this is actually such a simple practice that can be performed anywhere – you do not need to do it in the bathroom, as a matter of fact you do not even need a mirror! You can floss virtually anywhere, and this practice is vital for preventing tooth decay and the dreaded bad breath.

4. Change Your Toothbrush Regularly

In time, your toothbrush will become ineffective – not to mention that bacteria will start to gather on the tip of the brush, thus making brushing more dangerous. As oral care experts recommend, it is best to change the toothbrush or the head of your electric toothbrush every three months.

5. Try to Avoid Sugary Products

Sugar is known to wreak havoc on your teeth, causing tooth decay and eroding the tooth enamel. Soft drinks, fruit drinks, candy and virtually any other sweet product can raise the acid level in your mouth. Try to lower your intake of sugary products, especially sticky candies which are known to linger on the surface of your teeth.

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