Minions Toothpaste Dispenser

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There are a lot of advantages of our Minions Toothpaste Dispenser. One of them is that the holder provides for easy placement of the toothbrush against the holder especially for children.

Adds some fun to your family’s bedtime routine with our Minions Toothpaste Dispenser. Technology has come to the rescue once again, with a way to have your toothpaste dispensed without the need of an extra set of hands. You must have a device like this in your household for your children.

  • Hands-free toothpaste dispenser
  • Less discussions before bedtime
  • Saves toothpaste and avoids messes
  • Allows small kids to be more independent
  • Practical & cute bathroom accessory
  • Holds two toothbrushes for convenient access
  • Apply to smooth, clean surface (tile/mirror) or set on sink
  • Attaches to wall with vacuum sticker (No drilling required)
  • Bottom part is an actual cup turned around – perfect for rinsing
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Great stocking stuffer, Christmas or Birthday gift idea

Simply place the toothpaste tube on the head, twist it tight and place your toothbrush inside the mouth. Push back with toothbrush and a mechanism will craw out out the perfect amount of toothpaste.

Size: 19 x 8 x 6.2cm

  • Only be used by the round mouth toothpaste

  • Dustproof design of glass. Say good bye to water scale

  • Fixing dispenser to the wall with Eco-material Sucker, which could be used multiple times
  • As toothbrush push the toothpaste button, get out toothpaste automatically,

through which you could get toothpaste smoothly by only one hand.

  • When Squeezing out quantitative toothpaste,

there is no need to concern about pushing too much toothpaste by hand which is usually wasted by children.

  • Squeezing out all toothpaste under logic of vacuum extrusion,
  • no need to worry about wasting of toothpaste remaining in wrappers


  • Toothbrush dispenser
  • Safety and Health refusing to cross infection

  • Our Minions Toothpaste Dispenser is suitable for toothbrush with different size, making a good brushing time with your baby



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Automatic toothpaste dispenser