Kids Electric Toothbrush


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Kids Electric Toothbrush with 8 Heads Sonic Toothbrush for Kids Rechargeable 220V

1. Description:
Name: Kids Electric Toothbrush Plus with
Toothbrush head

Material: DuPont Toothbrush Heads
Power: 220V (We don’t have 110v, kindly know it)
Waterproof: IPX7
Decibel less than 55 db, very quiet
Bristles Shock swing:30,000 beats / min
Power supply:wireless inductive charging
Charging time: 15 hours
Working Time: 50 times / 2 minutes

2. Advantage of our Kids Electric Toothbrush

6 times cleaner than manual brushing

USA DuPont material toothbrush head, comfort and no hurting your teeth

3 year’s design with advanced technology

Massage electric toothbrush, enjoy brushing your teeth.

Here are the benefits of an electric toothbrush just like our Kids Electric Toothbrush Plus for your little ones.

Small toothbrush head can clean hard to reach areas in your mouth that a manual toothbrush can’t reach

It’s Easy to Use
Simply put the Kids Electric Toothbrush Plus does most of the work for you. Whether it’s the movement of the brush head or a built-in timer for correct brushing time, an electric toothbrush just like our Kids Electric Toothbrush makes brushing easier and a piece of cake.

Removes Plaque
Our Kids Electric Toothbrush Plus effectively removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush. They can also make it easier to reach tricky spots like the back of your child’s teeth. By removing more plaque from your kid’s teeth, you are minimizing the risk of tooth decay and gum problems.

Enthusiasm of your Kid
Your child may be particularly excited about using an electric toothbrush, either because of its novelty or because they’ve seen you using one. This can make it easier to get them into a routine of brushing twice a day.

Here’s how to start your kid with good oral care.

You can start an oral care regimen for your kid using an electric toothbrush just like our Kids Electric Toothbrush. You can help your children learn the techniques and importance of brushing with our Kids Electric Toothbrush. Though you still want to monitor their oral care, you should be confident that you have started your child on a lifetime of healthy oral care habits.




Additional information

Weight 0.35 oz
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 5 in
Item Type

Electric Toothbrush


Child Electric Toothbrush with 4 brush heads

Model Number

Lansung A39 Plus Ultrasonic Toothbrush


Acoustic Wave

Commodity Quality Certification




Age Group



ABS Handle+DuPont Toothbrush Heads

Brand Name


Charging Time


Brush Bristle

Dupont tooth brush Bristle


220V Child Eectric Toothbrush


Electric toothbrush kids 3 to 12 years old

Working Type

Sonic toothbrush

Top Brabds



Green sonic brush

Bristles Shock swing

Ultrasonic tooth brush 30,000 beats / min


Electric cleaning tooth brush

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Perfect gift for kids