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How To Have A Great Smile

Your smile is undoubtedly your most important beauty asset and is often the first thing that people notice about you. Yet, many women lack the confidence to smile because they feel that their teeth are not as white or straight as their favorite celebrities’. By following these tips, you can have the dazzling smile you’ve always longed for.

See your dentist first

The first place many women start in their quest for a brighter smile is the whitening products section of their local supermarket or pharmacy. However, your first stop should be your dentist’s chair. Over-the-counter whitening products applied over tartar buildup may temporarily whiten teeth, but then may leave you with unhealthy teeth and gums. A good dental cleaning will remove tartar that often settles in the spaces between your teeth and can give teeth a yellow appearance. Cleaning will also improve the overall health of your gums. A great smile does not include red, inflamed gums. So, make an appointment for a dental cleaning before you reach for the whitening products.

Floss every day

Once you’ve made sure your teeth and gums are healthy, daily maintenance is your next step. Invest in a soft bristle tooth brush. Hard toothbrushes can wear away at gums, causing them to recede from your teeth, and once gums are gone, they don’t grow back. So go easy on your teeth and gums by using a soft bristle brush and don’t brush your gums.

The second important step in maintaining a beautiful smile is to floss every single day. Yes, every day! Make it a habit to floss your teeth before you get into bed at night. Flossing reduces tartar buildup between teeth, which will keep teeth whiter.

Don’t go cheap on the whitening products

Now that you’ve had your teeth cleaned and are maintaining that healthy smile through daily brushing and flossing, you can head for the whitening products aisle of your pharmacy or supermarket. There is a wide array of products available over the counter that whitens teeth. Trays, strips, toothpaste are all good choices. The best whitening strips are generally those that are a bit more expensive and have an “advanced seal”. Cheaper whitening strips tend to slide around on your teeth and are generally less effective. Therefore, every six months or so, just after your dental cleaning, invest in a good whitening strip which will lighten and brighten your smile.

Don’t envy the smiles of the stars

Few of us have perfectly straight, white teeth like the people we see on television. Many of our favorite stars have porcelain veneers and we cannot compete with that, especially if we can’t afford such expensive dentistry. Even those of us who had orthodontics as children don’t have perfectly straight teeth, due in part to the way teeth realign after braces are removed. Thus, the final tip toward a more dazzling smile is between the ears. The message we need to process is this-you don’t have to have a perfect smile to smile! That crooked bottom tooth? It makes you who you are! Embrace your flaws. As long as your teeth are healthy and bright, who cares if they aren’t perfectly aligned?

A great attitude=A great smile

A smile is your most important beauty asset and often the first thing people notice about you. Don’t believe me? Look at photos of yourself when you are smiling and when you aren’t. Aren’t you so much more attractive when you’re smiling? In summary, get those teeth and gums healthy, keep them beautiful through daily maintenance, invest in some whitening products, and then just smile!

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