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Dental Assistant Playing the Supporting Role in the Dental Environment

Careers in dentistry do not mean only the dentists as some of us are aware of. The dentistry career involves the dentist, dental hygienist, dental aid and the dental technician. Each of these careers differs according to their education and licenses gained. Lately, the dental career is starting to gain popularity due to the technological innovations in this field of medicine. People are starting to take notice of their dental health including the effects to their overall health and well being. Those who want to become full pledged dentists are required to take the four year bachelor course and pass the licensure examinations.

Another choice is to become the dental aid who plays the supporting role for the dentist. They perform patient care but not to the extent performed by the dentist. The dental assistants get their on-the-job training from the actual job which often involves laboratory and office duties. In the course of a day, the dental assistant performs duties for the dentist relating to patient care but never gets involved in the actual cleaning and treatment of the teeth. The duties include patient communication to make them comfortable, cleaning and sterilizing the dental equipment and preparing them for the dentist.

Office duties include making and confirming dental appointments, keeping dental records, sending out bills, ordering supplies and other duties that may be required from time to time. Many dental aid s receive their training from dental schools and community colleges however, with the online dental assistant training; most individuals who are either too busy or want to have a change in career can certainly attain training without having to attend the physical schools. While the online programs providing dental assistant training can be particularly advantageous, undergoing the training in the physical schools guarantees hands on training.

Dental assistant trainings can run to about 9 to 12 months before the student is given a certificate of training while other colleges offer the dental aid training for 2 years as an associate degree. Written and practical examinations depending upon the state requirements are given for accreditation. This is considered a stepping stone before becoming a full pledged dental for career advancement. With the growing population, the demand for workers on dental care is fast growing. The aging population adds to that as well. As a result of the demand, the dentists need to delegate some of their duties to the dental assistants in order to have more time for dental care and treatment.

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