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Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips Natural coconut oil benefits health of the body. Bubbles will come out during drying procedure for oxygen releasing. The more bubbles comes out, the more active oxygen is released hence the better it will perform in teeth whitening. Warranty period of this strip is 2 years and this strip will not bloat, nor resolve nor dissolve even in high temperature. Specially designed for sensitive people. According to a source, based on studies, it proves that using teeth whitening strips can give teeth a whiter, brighter appearance. Coconut Teeth whitening strips offer several advantages over other popular techniques for whitening teeth. The first advantage is that teeth whitening strips are significantly less expensive than any other means of teeth bleaching procedures performed by dentists. A lot of people find teeth whitening strips more convenient than tray-based teeth whitening kits specially when you use our natural Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips. Each person is unique and will experience different results. Our Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips will go to work immediately whitens the color from your enamel. On average you should start to see a noticeable difference because of its Natural coconut oil that can inhibit oral bacteria, refresh breath and better helps with teeth whitening.

Ingredient: Coconut Oil, Menthol , Carbomer, EDTA, Glycerol , etc.

Step 1. Tear open foil packer. Remove strip with dry hands and peel away from backing liner.

Step 2. Looking in a mirror, fit lower strip – applying sticky gel side against your teeth line up with edge of the gum and apply gentle pressure to mold the strip securely to the teeth fold remaining strip behind the teeth to keep in place. Repeat with the upper strip.

Step 3. After 6 – 8 hours, peel off strip and dispose safely.

Package: 14 x pouches of Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips + 1 x manual + 1 x RHS Color Chart + 1 x toothbrush


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