Slim Sonic Child Tooth Brush


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Slim Sonic Child Tooth Brush


Clean your teeth while you travel with our Slim Sonic Child Tooth Brush. When you travel it is no excuse to let your oral care suffer, and with the massive variety of portable toothbrushes on the market, you’ll never have to skip out on your oral hygiene. Not all Slim Sonic Child Tooth Brush are created equally, and that applies to portable travel brushes as well. Expect differences in quality, price, function, and other categories. What our electric Slim Sonic Child Tooth Brush has is that it is practically designed to be portable, convenient and handy. Most of the time when you travel or go to another city, you always think about putting your regular toothbrush in the plastic bag, it’s definitely be worth it if you invest in a travel toothbrush just like our Slim Sonic Child Tooth Brush instead. With a different types of useful specification and features, slim and portable toothbrushes like our Slim Sonic Child Tooth Brush is made to stay clean and easy-to-carry while traveling. Most of the time you want to look forward to your opportunities to brush during your travels with our  toothbrush which are absolutely ideal for traveling. In general, it is packed with technology and features, our electric toothbrush provides many oral and gum care health benefits. It can also enables you to improve your brushing habits, specially your kids. It also has hig-tech features that will surely benefit your kids oral care.

Slim Sonic Child Tooth Brush is compact and portable design whether at home or during your vacation.

Type: Acoustic Wave

Model Number: ES-228

Color: Blue, Pink

Vibration Frequency: 14,000 times/ min

Whole body waterproof

Battery: AAA 1.5V x l (Not included)

Package: 1 x Slim Sonic Child Tooth Brush

Note: The Package does NOT include the batteries


Additional information

Weight 0.07 oz
Dimensions 20 x 3 x 2 in
Item Type

Electric Toothbrush

Age Group



Acoustic Wave

Brand Name


Commodity Quality Certification



1 Set Electric Toothbrush


ABS+Dupond Sonic Brush


Electric Toothbrush with 1 brush heads

Model Number

ES228 Electric Toothbrush


Blue, pink Toothbrush

Voltage supply

1 x 1.5 V Battery

Protection type

IPX4 Electric Toothbrush

Brush Head

Deep Clean Small Soft Brush Head


Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Vibration Frequency

14,000 brush strokes per minute


Brush Teeth


Portable Electric Toothbrush

Feature 2

Electric Cleaning Brush