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Material: Bamboo

A toothpick is a small thin stick of wood, plastic, bamboo, metal, bone or other substance ( we only use bamboo in our product ) with one or two sharp ends to insert between teeth to remove something stuck in your teeth, usually after a meal. Toothpicks are also used for festive occasions to hold or spear small appetizers (like cheese cubes or ) or as a cocktail stick, and can be decorated with plastic frills or small paper umbrellas or maybe flags.

According to our source, bamboo toothpick is one of the oldest oral hygiene inventions dating back to 3,500 BC. A bronze pendant was worn around the neck and used as a toothpick in China, and over 2,900 years later, the Chinese initialized a law that their armies use toothpicks to control their horribly bad breath. Back then, it was instructed to use any splinter of wood lying around that could clean their teeth. These days, in the United States, most toothpicks come from “toothpick trees” or white birch trees. Billions of toothpicks are made every year, which makes them quite a handy tool just like our bamboo toothpick, toothpicks are made out of different materials such as a branch of the willow tree, a spicebush, a cedar, a peach tree, or bamboo as a toothpick. Bamboo toothpicks have been one of the most widely used tools for hygiene in the whole wide world. These simple pieces of carved wood help us free those annoying food particles stuck between our teeth after a sumptuous heavy meal from your favorite restaurant. You don’t want to be uncomfortable after having a date and there’s a food particle stuck in your mouth. The only option is bamboo toothpick which is available generally in restaurants. We choose bamboo because it’s environment-friendly, they are easy to grow and won’t take very long to grow unlike a tree.

Length: 6.5cm

One order x 3500 pcs of bamboo toothpick

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