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It’s a fact, flossing daily (combined with brushing and a rinse) helps protect against gingivitis by removing plaque and food particles, keeping your teeth and gums healthy, while giving you a beautiful smile. And yes, even kids should floss to get used to a healthy oral care routine according to our reliable source.

Features and benefits:

1. Round line design: easy to slide into the teeth between the teeth gap that makes cleaning better.
2. Food grade material: you can be assured that it is safe and healthy
3. Handle design: non-slip handle to prevent from accidentally hurting the gums.
4. End design: the end of the floss removed the larger food residue.

Polymeric floss design, toughness, wear resistance, slim shape, easier to slide into the teeth, that enables to clean more thoroughly.
Food grade PS material handle: non-toxic, tough, can withstand high temperature, corrosion resistance, the same material that is used on the baby bottle, rest assured that the product is safe to the environment.

Handle has flexible design which is located at the center between the dental floss and tootpick for an effortless usage of both.
You can use the tail to remove something stuck between your teeth.

Note: Please do not force too much to prevent from hurting the gums that can cause abrasion and damage to your teeth at the base, where they meet the gums when using the dental floss and toothpicks. Children need to be accompanied by parents to guide them how to use it as the product to prevent from being swallowed.

1. Gently put the floss into the teeth seam to floss slowly into the teeth and then move back and forth.
2. Remove the food residue from each tooth to prevent cavities and plaque build-up
3. When you encounter a large residue, use the tail of the stick to gently move into the teeth and clean it.

Professional oral care tools:

Food grade high polymer material, anti-skid design, not easy to damage,

Comprehensive cleaning of food scraps between teeth and teeth, worldwide free shipping!

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